Animals love forming habits with their humans, whether it’s a daily head bump to remind you your cat loves you, or when your kitty meows desperately when it’s feeding time – animals love communicating their love in many ways as a habit.

This adorable kitty loves his human so much that he just can’t let him leave without the sweetest ‘special goodbye’ that you’ve ever seen in your life. – It’s absolutely the most adorable and cutest thing you’ll ever see today! (Video can be seen at bottom)

The kitty’s owner named Frank lives in Sandviken, Sweden – anytime he leaves for work or other places, he’s gotta give himself enough time for his best friend to bade him farewell in the sweetest way ever.

The cat sits on the counter waiting for his human to give him his ‘special goodbye’

When kitty sees him come closer, he knows just how to show how much he loves him. I’m not sure how I can hold in how cute this is.

Seeing this kitty saying ‘goodbye’ is absolutely the cutest thing on earth!

This kitty loves to snuggle and be with his human, but when he leaves, kitty never misses his habit of saying goodbye in the most special way you could ever imagine!

Before he leaves, his kitty gives him the sweetest kitty-kisses ever!

His cat waits every day on the kitchen counter expectantly for his human to come closer and give him his ‘special goodbye’ – this is enough to melt even the coldest heart, it’s SOO sweet!

Cats truly love their owners and if this video isn’t enough proof, there’s nothing that can help you understand a cats true love – Just watch the adorable video below:

This cat always says goodbye every day and never misses his goodbye snuggles before his human leaves – this is the most adorable thing on earth!

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