People Often Stare And Laugh At What This Guy Does With His Dog. But When You See Why …OMG?!

The world salutes you, sir!

For all the love we get form our dogs, it’s only fitting that we do something like this to them. What Craig Mosher did for his dog and his best friend Loois will move you more than anything you’ve seen.
After Loois’ spinal surgery went badly, once playful and energetic dog was left paralyzed and unable to use his hind legs. For most people, taking care of a paraplegic dog would be too much, but as Mosher saw it, Loois was his best friend and he was in need of his help. He adapted his garage into Loois’ custom playground and devised a way for him to never miss his walks.

God bless this man! Share the video with your friends and family!

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